Steven Bethard

School of Information

Research interests: the language of time and timelines, clinical language processing, machine learning for information extraction, language-based personalized learning tools

Hong Cui

School of Information

Research interests: information extraction and semantic tagging from biodiversity literature, ontology building, software tool construction for biologists

Sandiway Fong


Research interests: minimalist parsing

Gus Hahn-Powell


Research interests: literature-based discovery, machine reading, information extraction, rule learning, knowledge assembly

Mike Hammond


Research interests: computational modeling of phonology, morphology, poetic meter, speech processing; automatic speech recognition, text-to-speech

Peter Jansen

School of Information

Research interests: question answering, explainable inference, graph-based inference, learning from little data, science and health applications, nursing/health care team communication

Gondy Leroy

Management Information Systems

Research Interests: text mining, information retrieval and extraction, text and communication difficulty, design science for medical and biomedical informatics

Clayton T. Morrison

School of Information

Research Interests: machine learning, Bayesian modeling, information extraction, question answering, causal inference, knowledge representation

Sudha Ram

Management Information Systems

Research interests: enterprise data management, business intelligence, large scale networks, and big data analytics

Mihai Surdeanu

Computer Science

Research interests: question answering, information extraction, semantic role labeling, and other computational linguistics problems